Week 15

Once again, this week was all about the audio tapes. This week really took me back to my younger days when I would work with VHS tapes. Does anyone else remember having to manual rewind the tapes, because the film had come loose? Because, I did a lot of that this week and I had major flash backs. This week I discovered that most of the tapes they have are actually apart of different series that cover different topics, so organizing them isn’t actually that bad.

I managed to go through a box of tapes finally, and they are all organized, charted and stored away. Unfortunately, there are still like 4 other boxes with videos and tapes that have to be archived as well, and I will most likely not get to those. Those boxes will be left for the interns next semester. This is my second to last week of my internship and I am surprised by how fast the time has gone by. I have already written my Final reflection paper for the program, so I guess the internship is pretty much over. However, I do still have one more week, and I am going to go and try to finish as much as I can before the very end.


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